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P24 Last updated 5th March 2003


A few pointers about complaining in a pub


Although we Britsh are not by nature a querulous race, there are occasions when complaining is justified and to everyone's benefit in the long run.


When you have any kind of complaint raise it as soon as possible. If you consume most of a meal or drink, or suffer the bad behaviour of staff or fellow customers for a long period, the management may be justified in thinking that the problem is not that serious.


There is no need to raise your voice or get excited. Publicans want to keep thier customers happy, and in most cases will act swiftly to rectify matters.


Don't quibble. if the problem is a really minor one, smile and forget it. Landlords and bar staff are usually busy peaple.


Real ale is a natural product with a short life. If as someetimes happens your pint shows signs of being past its best, ask for an alternative. Any good pub will change your drink readily. The better ones will take the beer off. The fact that other people are drinking the beer happily may only mean that they are less discerning, or the that the cask is about to run out.


Unfortunately draught beer is one of the few substances that you can buy in the UK which does not come with a legal guarantee of the amount purchased. Even the compromise forced on pub goers by the brewing industry that a pint must contain 95% liquid is not law. However most pubs will readily top up your beer if you ask them to do so.


If you have folowed the steps above and are still unhappy about the quality or quantity served in a pub, you can always take up the matter with the local trading statndards office, at the addresses below.


Local Trading Standards Officers Addresses are:

Blackpool - (Blackpool borough)

125 Albert Rd,
Tel. (01253) 478395

Lancashire - (Fylde & Wyre boroughs)

County Hall
Tel. (01772) 254868
Lancashire Trading Standards