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Trip Bookings

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Pick Up and Drop Off Points

Because of the geographic layout of the Fylde we have to do the North to South length before heading inland towards Preston. As a result of this we have devised a number of pick up and drop off points that mean that on any trip everybody will have one trip along the Fylde either on the way out or the way back. We believe this is the fairest way of running our trips.
In general those trips that head north will have a first pickup up at St Annes; those heading south start at Poulton. Please note this is not a hard and fast rule and we do a lot of trips that just go east so changes may happen.
Our coach trips pick up and drop off at the following locations :
Poulton: All trips will stop at the Teanlowe Centre Bus Layby.
Thornton: We will stop all trips at the bus stops at Four Lanes End (Fleetwood Road/Victoria Road East). Please ensure that you are on the correct side of the road for our direction of travel.
Fleetwood; We will stop at the nearest bus stops to the Strawberry Gardens. For trips starting at Poulton this will be the bus stop by Barneys Bingo; for those starting from St Annes the stop will be the one by the Strawberry.
Blackpool: We shall continue to use the bus stops on the Promenade opposite Festival House. Please be on the correct side of the road.
St Annes: All trips pick up at St Annes Square Stop 3 (outside B&M Bargains).

Please note that since the end of May 2017 DROP OFF points will be the same as PICK UP points for all trips that return while public transport runs freely. We will go from St Annes to Fleetwood and vice versa via Blackpool down the promenade rather than the old route via Devonshire Road.
On evening trips where we return late we will endeavour to drop people at a point on a main road which is reasonably convenient to them, without diverting the bus too far out of it's way. This will always involve a compromise!