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P507 Last updated 25th November 2015

Fylde Ale

Spring 2018

Things have fared badly since our last (hard copy) Summer edition. For several reasons, we have been forced to part company with our last publishers, Studio Capital. It seems there are now no alternative publishers we can turn to.
Our immediate choice is therefore to present you with Fylde Ale in this on-line form only. Not ideal, I admit; as a lover of the hard copy myself, I prefer to feel it between my fingers (so to speak). But, believe me, I and the Branch think this is the best choice for the time being.
Certainly, we have to give it a go and you can give us your opinions.
One of the advantages is that we are no longer so hide-bound by publishers’ deadlines and can get the latest news out quicker. Perhaps we are on the verge of blogging, though I am not sure precisely what that involves.
So I suggest we make as good a virtue of necessity as we can. Many newspapers - including CAMRA’s “What’s Brewing” - are now available on-line, so we are in good company.
Neil Pascoe